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Frank Edwards – Oghene Doh


Frank Edwards, a famous Nigerian gospel artist, dropped “Oghene Doh” in 2017. This inspirational song is from his album “Unlimited Verse 1” which contains 19 top-notch tracks. “Oghene Doh” was a hit and helped establish Frank’s fame in the music world. “Unlimited Verse 1” is a work of art, and “Oghene Doh” continues to be a classic, even years after its release.

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Oghene Doh Lyrics By Frank Edwards

Whenever I call you are there
Whenever I pray Lord you hear me
I’m not alone this I know
What can I bring to you Lord
But this song of praise

Oghene do do do do
Oghene do eyeee
For the things you’ve done for me
Kiri do do do Kiri do
For the life you gave
You brought me close to you
Kiri do do do kiri do
And you called me your own
What more can I say

Do do do Oghene do
Kiri do do do kiri do
Oghene do oooo eyeeeeeee