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Kaestrings Presents: Feast of Light – An Enchanting Evening of Inspiration and Celebration


Date: June 24th, 2023

Venue: Merit House, Maitama, Abuja

Abuja is about to be illuminated with a magical event that promises to captivate hearts and inspire souls. The highly anticipated Feast of Light, organized by the renowned convener, Kaestrings, is set to take place on June 24th, 2023, at the prestigious Merit House. This live recording extravaganza will be a celebration of music, spirituality, and the power of light to transform lives.

The Feast of Light event is not just a concert; it’s an experience that aims to touch the depths of the human spirit. The chosen theme reflects the essence of the evening, as attendees will bask in the radiant glow of inspiration and hope. Drawing inspiration from the verse John 1:4-5 (AMP), the event will focus on the life-giving power of light and its ability to shine in even the darkest of times.

The red carpet will be rolled out at 3pm, welcoming guests to a world of enchantment and glamour. As attendees arrive, they will be greeted by the warmth and hospitality that has become synonymous with Kaestrings events. The atmosphere will be abuzz with anticipation as fans and music enthusiasts mingle, eagerly awaiting the main event.

At 4pm, the Feast of Light will commence, immersing attendees in an evening of soul-stirring performances. With a star-studded lineup of talented musicians and guest appearances, the event promises to be a melodic journey through the power of music and the triumph of the human spirit.

Among the esteemed guest performers gracing the stage are Minstrel KI, David Dam, Peterson Okopi, Jesse Pratt, Sam Bulus, and Ene John. Each artist brings their unique style and passion to the event, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable musical experience. From soulful ballads to energetic anthems, the audience will be transported through a range of emotions, uplifted by the power of their collective voices.

The chosen verse from the book of John serves as the foundation for the Feast of Light. It emphasizes the message that life and light are intrinsically intertwined, and no darkness can overpower or absorb the radiant illumination that light brings. Through this verse, the event aims to inspire attendees to embrace the light within themselves and spread it to others, creating a ripple effect of positivity and love.

The live recording aspect of the event adds an extra layer of excitement. Attendees will have the privilege of being part of a musical masterpiece, contributing their energy and enthusiasm to create a unique atmosphere that will be forever etched in time. The vibrations of joy and unity will be embedded in the melodies, making the live recording an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of a typical concert.

Feast of Light is not only a celebration of music but also a platform for personal growth and reflection. By infusing spiritual themes into the performances, attendees will be invited to explore their own journey of self-discovery and find solace in the power of music and faith.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and uplifted as the Feast of Light takes center stage on June 24th, 2023. Join Kaestrings and a constellation of talented artists for an evening that promises to be an unforgettable blend of melody, spirituality, and celebration. Get ready to embrace the light and witness the transformation it brings to your life.

Tickets for the Feast of Light are available online and at select outlets. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul. Come, immerse