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Onos Ariyo – No Limits [Full Album]


Download Onos Ariyo No Limits Album: Gospel artist Onos Ariyo, known for her powerful vocals and emotive delivery, released her second studio album “No Limits” in 2014. The album features thirteen songs that showcase her versatility and range as a gospel artist. Each song is carefully crafted and produced to deliver a powerful and uplifting message of hope and faith.

One of the blockbuster features of “No Limits” is the impressive roster of guest artists that appear on the album. Onos Ariyo carefully handpicked each artist to collaborate on the project, resulting in a diverse and dynamic collection of songs. Some of the notable guest artists include Eric, Wordsmith, IBK, Gaise, Ga2r, Reigny King, Kenny K’ore, Chubbclef and Chevelle Franklyn, all of whom brought their unique styles and talents to the album.

In conclusion, “No Limits” is an impressive sophomore album that showcases Onos Ariyo’s versatility and range as a gospel artist. The album features a diverse roster of guest artists and a collection of thirteen powerful and uplifting songs that deliver a message of hope and faith. It’s an album that will uplift your spirit and remind you of the love and grace of God.

List of Tracks: No Limits Album By Onos Ariyo

Track Number Tracks
1. Most High
2. Victory Song (feat. Chevelle Franklyn)
3. High
4. Your Name
5. You Are Worthy
6. Lose My Head
7. Everything Has Changed
8. Alagbara
9. Me Re Ji Re (feat. Kenny Kore)
10. You Are the Reason (feat. Ayo Vincent)
11. Hallelujah (feat. Reigny King)
12. In Control (feat. Ga2r, IBK Gaise & Word Smith)
13. Silent Night ft Eric