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Solomon Lange – Alheri [Full Album]


Download Solomon Lange Alheri Album: When Solomon Lange released his debut album “Alheri” in 2012, little did he know that it would become a milestone in the Nigerian gospel music scene. With 17 powerful and uplifting tracks, being a perfect blend of traditional gospel music and contemporary sounds, the album brought hope and inspiration to many, and solidified Lange as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

One of the songs that stood out in the album is “Imela” which means “thank you” in the Igbo language. The song is a thanksgiving song that appreciates God for his goodness and mercies. The song was a hit and it was even sang in many churches, it was also covered by several gospel artist and it was a blessing to many.

The success of “Alheri” helped to establish Lange as a prominent figure in the gospel music scene. His unique style and powerful message resonated with people, and he quickly gained a large following of supporters. However, Solomon Lange’s “Alheri” is a must-listen for anyone looking for some inspiration and hope through music.

List of Tracks: Alheri Album By Solomon Lange

Track Number Tracks
1. God Is Good
2. Yabo
3. Almasihu
4. I Believe (feat. Samsong)
5. Alheri
6. A Gareka Na Dogara (feat. Mista Seth)
7. Papa Jehova
8. Na Gode (Remix)
9. Mai Ceto
10. Yesu Masoyina
11. Yahweh
12. What Else Can I Say (feat. Grandsun)
13. Praise Da Lord
14. Papa I Thank You
15. Imela
16. Godiya (feat. Buzu)
17. Alheri (Remix) [feat. Bouqui]