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Solomon Lange – You Have Done Me Well [Full Album]


Download Solomon Lange You Have Done Me Well Album: On July 23, 2020, the renowned Nigerian gospel hitmaker, Solomon Lange, released his latest project, “You Have Done Me Well.” This brilliant project features 14 spectacular gospel harmonies that are sure to inspire and uplift listeners.

One of the highlights of this project is the guest appearances by talented gospel artists such as Esther Oji, Israel Oga, and Helen Johnson. These artists bring their own unique styles and perspectives to the project, making it an even more diverse and enjoyable listen.

The album opens with the title track, “I Will Praise You” that sets the tone for the rest of the project. From then on, Lange takes the listener on a journey of praise, worship and thanksgiving. He paints a picture of the goodness of God with each song.

The project is available on all major music platforms and can be downloaded or streamed on JustGospel. Don’t hesitate to add this album to your playlist, it’s definitely worth it.

List of Tracks: You Have Done Me Well Album By Solomon Lange

Track Number Tracks
1. I Will Praise You
2. Mai Taimako Na (My Helper)
3. From My Heart
4. Messiah (feat. ESTHER OJI)
5. Only You Jesus
6. Sunan Ka (You Are the Lord)
7. You Have Done Me Well (Swahili)
8. You Reign
9. Father (feat. ESTHER OJI)
10. Mmamma
11. You Have Done Me Well (Naija) [feat. ESTHER OJI, ISRAEL OGA & Helen Johnson]
12. Kai Kadai
13. My Melody
14. Dogara

“Sunan Ka” Hausa chorus was written by Martins Ahmed, other parts by SOLOMON LANGE. “I Will Praise You” was written by Emex and Solomon Lange, while the chorus of “Mmamma” was written by Sam Luis (Usher) and all other parts written by Emex & Solomon Lange.