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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Praise Him (Live) [Full Album]


In a harmonious fusion of melodic grandeur and heartfelt devotion, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir unveils their soul-stirring masterpiece, “Praise Him (Live)”. Released in 1995, this album stands as a resounding testament to the Choir’s unwavering dedication to crafting music that transcends the ordinary and elevates the spirit. Comprising 14 enchanting tracks that span over an hour, “Praise Him (Live)” captures the essence of a live worship experience, drawing listeners into an immersive journey of praise and adoration.

From the resounding crescendos to the tender whispers of praise, each song on the album is a tapestry woven with deep faith and boundless passion. The power of the live recording lies in its ability to encapsulate the raw energy and communal spirit that infuse every note and lyric. As listeners embark on this sonic pilgrimage, they are invited to participate in an intimate conversation with the divine, guided by the fervent voices of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. “Praise Him (Live)” not only transcends the constraints of time and space but also unites believers and music enthusiasts alike under the banner of worship, making it an indispensable addition to anyone’s musical collection.

List Of Tracks: Praise Him (Live) Album By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

1. Resurrection Power

2. I’m Not Afraid

3. Praise Him

4. You Were There

5. Melody of Change

6. We Sing Alleluia/Be Holy

7. More Than Ever Before

8. It’s Not In Vain

9. Covered

10. All That You Need

11. Everything I Desire

12. Oh, That You Would Meet Jesus

13. Look Away

14. Lead Me Lord