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Theophilus Sunday – Adullam Aya O Aya


This spanking song you are about to enjoy is tagged Adullam Aya O Aya and it was presented by a renowned singer called Theophilus Sunday.

Theophilus Sunday is a Nigerian Gospel artist whose music has taken the world by storm. One of his most popular songs is titled “Adullam,” which has touched the hearts of many people with its powerful message.

“Adullam” is a song that is based on the story of David and his journey to the cave of Adullam. In the Bible, David fled from Saul and found refuge in the cave of Adullam, where he was joined by others who were also fleeing from Saul’s persecution. This cave became a place of refuge for David and his followers, and it was there that he wrote some of the Psalms.

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Adullam Aya O Aya Lyrics By Theophilus Sunday

Oh Adullam Aya O Aya
Oh Secret Place O Aya

Aya O Aya

Aya O Aya