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Wanda Nero Butler – Family Prayer [Full Album]


Wanda Nero Butler’s album “Family Prayer” stands as a poignant musical journey that encapsulates themes of faith, love, and unity. Released on January 1, 1998, under the ℗ 2022 Sound Of Gospel Records label, this album’s significance is heightened by its ten tracks that span a total of 54 minutes. At its core, “Family Prayer” is a testament to the artist’s ability to create a harmonious blend of gospel melodies and heartfelt lyrics, offering listeners an experience that resonates deeply with their spiritual and emotional sensibilities.

With its profound impact and soul-stirring compositions, “Family Prayer” by Wanda Nero Butler is more than just a collection of songs; it’s an artistic exploration of the power of faith and family. Each of the ten tracks contributes to a tapestry of devotion and praise, drawing listeners into a contemplative atmosphere where personal reflection and shared connection intersect. The album’s release underlines the artist’s dedication to fostering a sense of togetherness through music, making “Family Prayer” a timeless piece that continues to inspire and uplift across generations.

 List Of Tracks: Family Prayer Album By Wanda Nero Butler

1. Family Prayer

2. Already Blessed Me

3. Alter Call Medley

4. Just Praise Him

5. We Remember

6. Have a Little Talk with Jesus

7. You Ought To Praise Him

8. Jesus Medley (The Queens Song)

9. If I Never See You Again

10. Take it to God in Prayer