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Wanda Nero Butler – Send Your Anointing


“Send Your Anointing,” a profound composition by Wanda Nero Butler, exemplifies her ability to create music that touches the soul and uplifts the spirit. Recorded on November 29, 1994, this song stands as a testament to Butler’s remarkable vocal talent and her capacity to convey deep spiritual yearning. With her evocative performance, she crafts a musical prayer that resonates with listeners on a spiritual journey.

Through “Send Your Anointing,” Butler’s artistry shines as she merges gospel influences with her soulful expression. The song’s lyrics, carried by her powerful vocals, become a heartfelt plea for divine guidance and blessings. Butler’s voice exudes sincerity, capturing the essence of seeking a higher presence in times of need. As the notes fill the air, listeners are transported to a space of spiritual introspection, where they too can find solace and connection. “Send Your Anointing” stands as a testament to Wanda Nero Butler’s ability to craft music that transcends boundaries, bringing comfort and strength to those who seek it through the power of her song.

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